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Gradient Green-Yellow Nervous Anxious Dog harness and leash walking set

Gradient Green-Yellow Nervous Anxious Dog harness and leash walking set

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A set of harness and leash.

Yellow Nervous Dog Harness: Creating Space for Anxious Pups

We firmly believe that there are no bad dogs—only dogs in need of understanding, empathy, and sometimes a little extra space. Our Yellow Nervous Dog Harness is more than just a piece of pet gear; it's a beacon that signals to the world that your four-legged companion requires a bit of room to feel safe and secure.
The yellow harness will keep your dog stylish and comfortable whilst providing you with optimum control and confidence.

Crafted from high-quality webbing, measuring 20mm wide.
Equipped with high-grade metal hardware for durability.
Reinforced stitching for added strength and longevity.

🌟 Promoting Understanding: We're on a mission to create a world where anxious dogs and their loving humans can enjoy stress-free outings. By choosing our Yellow Nervous Harness, you're helping raise awareness about the need for space, fostering a more compassionate and considerate community of pet lovers.

🟡 A Yellow Flag of Comfort: A dog wearing yellow signifies that they may be reactive, fearful, elderly, or in recovery from an accident, illness, or operation. It's a simple, yet powerful signal that says, "Please give us some space."

🌼 Comfort & Safety: Our harness is designed for your dog's comfort, providing a snug yet gentle fit that helps them feel secure during walks. No more anxiety-inducing encounters with overly enthusiastic dogs; our harness helps create a safe bubble around your pup.

✅ Adjustable & Practical: The harness features adjustable straps to ensure a customized fit for dogs of various sizes and shapes. It's easy to put on and take off, making it a convenient choice for both you and your pup.

🐾 Real-World Example: Meet Tony, our medium-sized dog weighing 17kg. Tony wears our Yellow Nervous Dog Harness with pride, ensuring that he can enjoy his walks without unnecessary stress.

📌 Safety Tip: Always ensure that the harness is fitted correctly, and it should be snug enough to prevent slipping over your dog's head but not too tight to cause discomfort. Please double-check that the buckle is closed.

🔒 Control & Safety: We understand that there are times when extra control is necessary, especially if your dog tends to pull or react to their surroundings.
Even though the harness has a D-ring for leash attachment - we advise using the harness only as informative gear. Pairing it with a neck collar gives you added control, ensuring a safer and more manageable walk.

🐕 This martingale collar is modeled by our furry friend Tony, wearing an M size. He was found on the streets of Lisbon at 7 months old. He is a happy 4-year-old boy now. Tony is a no-breed handsome sporty dog, medium-sized, and weighs 17kg.

By choosing our harness, you're not just purchasing a piece of gear; you're becoming part of a compassionate community that understands the unique needs of anxious dogs. Together, we can help every nervous pup enjoy pleasant, stress-free walks.

***if you are not sure about the size, write us!

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