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Blue grey martingale dog collar and leash walking set, 25mm Wide Martingale Collar and Leash Set for Dogs

Blue grey martingale dog collar and leash walking set, 25mm Wide Martingale Collar and Leash Set for Dogs

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Collar Size (lenght)

A set of 25mm wide martingale collar and leash.


Martingale collars offer enhanced control for your dog, automatically tightening when they pull, preventing slipping without choking. This collar type is especially well-suited for sighthounds and breeds with long necks and slender heads, as these dogs are prone to slipping out of traditional collars. However, martingales are an excellent choice for any breed.

🐾 Key Features Collar:

Crafted from high-quality webbing, measuring 25mm wide.
Provides flexibility and comfort for your furry friend.
Easily adjustable to ensure a snug fit for your hound.
Boasts a non-slip feature for secure use with sighthounds and added security for all dog breeds.
Equipped with high-grade metal hardware for durability.
Reinforced stitching for added strength and longevity.
Before purchasing, please carefully measure your dog's neck:

🐾 Key Features Leash:
The leash is 20mm wide x 140cm long.
Padded handle.
D-ring for poop bags holder. (poop bags holder not included)
Metal carabiner with safety lock feature.

Dark turquoise and gray beige
Pantone 315 C + Pantone 4545 Cp
!Screens and devices can display colors differently. It's important to consider that the actual color of a product may vary slightly from what you see on your screen due to factors like screen calibration and lighting conditions.

📏 Sizing:
Choose from the following collar sizes:

M (27cm-45cm) : Ideal for most Whippets and medium-sized breeds, as well as for galgo and greyhounds.
L (38 cm- 66 cm): Suitable for large neck-head Greyhounds and large-sized breeds.
*For Whippet/Galgo breed choose a 40mm wide collar.

🐕 This martingale collar is modeled by our furry friend:
25mm collar, M size: Baby Dalmatian, 5 months old.

📐 How to Measure:
To determine the correct size for your dog, measure at both points A (base of the neck) and B (largest point of the head). The collar should easily fit over point B, the widest part of your dog's head, and comfortably rest at point A, the base of the neck, with room for two or three fingers between the collar and the neck.
❓Not sure about the size?
Write us and we will help you to choose!

🧼 Maintenance:
Keep your collar clean by wiping it with a damp cloth or hand washing it in warm water.

⚠️Safety Tips:
Use the Martingale collar only for walks; it may loosen if left on for extended periods and could snag on objects.
When your dog is lounging, replace the Martingale with a basic ID collar for safety.
Attach ID tags to one of the loops on the collar, not the large D-ring.
To ensure the right fit, slip the collar over your dog's head and adjust it to sit comfortably at the base of the neck. There should be enough room to slide two fingers between the neck and the collar.

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